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             Buy 10 Sheets of  28  ea. $38.00  Shipped! 
                   Your Choice Of Sizes Mix Or Match      
                 280 Decal Red Wheel Decal Stickers
                      That's Enough To Do  70  Cars!!
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     Money Orders,Cashier              Checks And Cash!
Why Pay $10.00 for  (1)  Set of  Reproduction  Wheels??    1   Sheet of  Our Decal Stickers Will do  7 Cars!!
                         + You Don't Have To Remove The Wheels Are Take Your Car Apart!!
These are a dream come true for the  Redline restorer. These will make your old wheels come alive.If  you are a Serious Restorer you will love them. I have sold hundreds to professional restorers, clubs and people just  like you wanting to restore their own cars. These looks very close to the original redlines, Which have  self sticking adhesive   on tha back. These are hard to tell from the original  Redlines  if installed properly.  Please don't use these to sell fake cars to someone!    Remember   what goes around comes around. These are intended to help cut cost for you the collector. Southern Customs in no way will be responsible for any user who makes Fake  cars for resale.
Just line them up and press them on, That it!!
Front & Rear Wheels    
"These Will Fit All Original Redlines Wheels"
         And Most Newer Hot Wheels
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One Sheet of 28 $4.00 per Sheet 1.25 cents  Shipping
Only $3.80 Sheet on Lots of Ten
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Rear Wheel                   
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Hot !   Buy "
          2003 Mustang
With Wheel Decals Added
Rear Wheel      
This Size Fit The Large Rear Wheels On The Old Original Redline Wheels and Most Current Wheels.
Front Wheel        
 This Is The Most Commom Size!    This Size Fits Most Rear And Alots Of The Front Wheels On The Old Original Redline Wheels.
This Size Fits The Smaller Front Wheels On The Custom Volkswagon,Custom Mustang,Custom Barracuda,Classic '36 Ford Coupe,Classic '57 T-Bird,Custom Cougar,Custom Firebird,Beatnik Bandit,Silhousette And Many Others On The Old Small Original Redlines.
.This Size Fit The Larger Rear Wheels On The 2003 Mustang,GTO Judge ,Dodge Charger And Other Larger Wheels

.This Size Fit The Larger Front Wheels On The 2003 Mustang,GTO Judge ,Dodge Charger And Other Larger Wheels

Front Wheel                   
Item # 6
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 # 6
There is no need to take your car apart or remove your wheels!
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